Brand New Quick Reference

May 2015 - Updated Quick Reference

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Games Expo 2016

May 2016 - Small article about us going to UK Games Expo this year

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Forthcoming Products From Death Spiral

April 16 - Read all about our new exciting products for Sleeper: Orphans of the Cold War

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Launch Event a Success as UK Games Expo 2015

June 15 - Article expressing how well our launch event went.

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The Cold War is the greatest conflict the world has ever known.     And it’s not over.

Fast-Paced Action

1Sleeper embraces high octane, action movie-style play, with elite military player characters, exotic powers created by Cold War superscience, fuelled by a fast and detailed system to handle the most intense action the players can throw at it.

Cold War Secrets

2Sleeper’s world is one of hidden horrors, covered up in the Cold War’s darkest days – supersoldier clones, bioweapon caches, bio-engineered agents driven mad by the experiments that made them, and even the remnants of the Nazi ‘Wunderwaffen’.

Story by Ben Counter

3Sleeper’s background is written by Ben Counter, a science fiction and fantasy author best known for the popular Soul Drinker and Grey Knight series, along with roleplaying sourcebooks for Games Workshop, Green Ronin and White Wolf Publishing.

Conspiracy Horror

4The world buried its amoral weaponry and biotech projects, hoping they could be safely forgotten. But now those threats are waking up and only the sleepers – agents of the superpowers put in long-term sleep in case of nuclear war – can stop them.

Time to wake up.